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An image of a pint glass fill with Downhill Brewing's craft beer.

Obi Juan Kenobi

Mexican Lager

5.8% ABV

13 IBU

A classic Mexican Lager style brew made with Pilsner, 2-Row, Flaked Corn and Acidulated malt make this brew out of this world delicious. May the 4th be with You or Cinco de Mayo, either way this brew is the perfect sidekick to help in the battle against Lord Sobriety. Toss on your sombrero, grab your light saber and lets do this!

An image of a pint glass fill with Downhill Brewing's craft beer.

Mickey Mouse Malt Liquor

Malt Liquor

8.3% ABV

14 IBU

It's safe to say the Steamboat Willie reference ship has sailed, but we can't rush perfection and that's exactly what you'll taste sipping on this brew. Proximity Pilsner, Rahr 6-Row, Flaked Corn, Dingemanns Cara-8 & a touch or Weyermann Acidulated make the perfect body for this Malt Liquor. Toss in a small amount of Magnum & Cascade hops for slight bittering, but this baby is silky smooth. No brown paper bag required to drink this bad boy but be careful he's sneaky!

An image of a pint glass fill with Downhill Brewing's craft beer.


Hazy IPA

6.2% ABV

10 IBU

An old banger with a New twist. This staple Hazy IPA for our two locations has all the qualities of a perfect Hazy. She’s thick, juicy & loaded with tons of hops. Black Keys approved this brew is the Jam!!

An image of a pint glass fill with Downhill Brewing's craft beer.


Vienna Lager

5.3% ABV

24 IBU

We think Wolfgang would approve! The classical composing legend spent much of his life in Vienna. While this beer style post dates the music genius, the beauty and complexity of his work and this brew are both undeniable. Brewed with imported ingredients from the origin area, no shortcuts here. Vienna malt as the base with a kick of Munich 1 for color and subtle toast. Hallertauer Mittelfrueh hop charges at 60, 30, and 5 lend clean bitterness and noble aroma. Rock Me Amadeus!

An image of a pint glass fill with Downhill Brewing's craft beer.

Tangerine Electric

Kettle Sour

5.2% ABV


Very juicy with a subtle tang from a short kettle souring process with a lactobacillus plantarum strain. Just over 25% of the grain build was premium white wheat making this brew extremely quenching. Finished off with over ten pounds per barrel of tangerine purée this is some serious citrus goodness!

An image of a pint glass fill with Downhill Brewing's craft beer.

Anchored IPA

West Coast IPA

6.0% ABV

65 IBU

A classic Citra and Mosaic West Coast IPA. Bursting with citra notes and complimented by floral and piney undertones, this IPA delivers a robust and well balanced flavor profile.

An image of a pint glass fill with Downhill Brewing's craft beer.

2a.m. Toboggan Rides

Winter Ale

7.3% ABV

22 IBU

Our favorite brew for sledding in the moonlight! A big malty backbone is provided by Simpsons Golden Promise. Premium Caramalt and Heritage Crystal malt add biscuit and dark fruit notes. A dash of Roasted Barley adds to the dark amber color and complexity of the grain build. With that stage set a late kettle addition of our holiday spice blend makes this beer truly special. Cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, and cardamom balance beautifully and offer a unique aroma and taste perfect for the winter months.

An image of a pint glass fill with Downhill Brewing's craft beer.

What About Bob

Helles Bock

7.5% ABV

27 IBU

This brew is something special, quirky and done the right way. Brewed with all German Malt and German hop additions. This beer is definitely beautiful, delicious and sneaky smooth. A few pints in and you’ll be saying….I’m Sailing, I’m a Sailor, I Sail!!

An image of a pint glass fill with Downhill Brewing's craft beer.

Not Berry Farm

Raspberry Golden Ale

5.5% ABV

15 IBU

Patio ponder season is upon us! Our traditional golden ale base smacked full of Raspberry. Super crushable with fresh, jam like qualities. We’re nowhere near a berry farm, but we can imagine right?!

An image of a pint glass fill with Downhill Brewing's craft beer.

If Demons Could Weep

Dark Saison

7.3% ABV

15 IBU

Another badass Saison by the Downhill Brew Crew, but this time we gave this brew a bit of a dark twist! Pilsner, Flaked Oats, Cara 45, Flaked Wheat and some Black & Chocolate Malt provide a super rich backbone. Then we added in a touch of Cinnamon, Cayenne & Red Chile for a bit of heat, followed by 2 gallons of Ghirardelli Chocolate sauce and a ton of Cherry Fruit to make a perfect balance of sweet heat. This brew is so delicious it will even make a demon cry!

An image of a pint glass fill with Downhill Brewing's craft beer.

Saturday Nut Fever

Peanut Butter Brown Ale

5.3% ABV

25 IBU

Our Brown Ale dosed with plenty of peanut butter! Get down with the boogie and enjoy our locally famous peanut butter ale only available in our taproom.

An image of a pint glass fill with Downhill Brewing's craft beer.

Ghost Town Brown

Brown Ale

5.3% ABV

25 IBU

An Elk Mountain throwback! This English Brown is brewed with imported malts which provide a rich body with chocolatey overtones. Willamette hops balance the sweetness from the malts and lend a slight floral note. Historically named for the time period after the 1933 flood that devastated Parker and drove most of the population out leaving a ghost town.

Parker Brew List

Made by craft beer enthusiasts for craft beer enthusiasts. Downhill Brews takes a great deal of pride in every beer we develop and we're always crafting a new beer! Looking for something special, check out our brew list.

Specialty Pies

12" Downhill style! We bake thin crust pies with sauce, cheese, and toppings all the way to the edge!

Benicio del Taco

Refried beans and taco sauce base, mozzarella cheese, cheddar cheese, ground beef, diced red onion, fresh diced tomato, shredded lettuce, tortilla strips, and sour cream.

The Classic

Downhill Red Sauce, Mozzarella, and Pepperoni.

The Don

Downhill Red Sauce, Mozzarella, Giardiniera Peppers, Polidori Sausage, and Polidori Meatball.

Usual Suspects

Downhill Red Sauce, Mozzarella, Pepperoni, Polidori Sausage, Green Pepper, Red Onion, and Black Olive.

The Shredder

Downhill Red Sauce, Mozzarella, Cheddar, and Shaved Parmesan.

Super Mario

Downhill Red Sauce, Mozzarella, Polidori Meatball, Green Pepper, Mushroom, Fresh Basil.

Smokey and the Bandit

BBQ Sauce, Mozzarella, Cheddar, Chicken, Red Onion, and Pepperoncini.

The Frank

Buffalo Ranch, Mozzarella, Chicken, Bacon, Red Onion, and Tomato.

Greek Goddess

Pine Nut Basil Peto, Mozzarella, Artichoke Heart, Green Pepper, Black and Kalamata Olive, and Fresh Basil.

Tropic Thunder

Downhill Red Sauce, Mozzarella, Pineapple, Canadian Bacon, and Jalapeno.

Premium Toppings



Canadian Bacon

Oven Roasted Chicken

Shaved Parmesan

Kalamata Olive

Polidori Meatball

Polidori Italian Sausage

Giardiniera Peppers

Standard Toppings

Black Olive

Diced Tomato

Fresh Garlic

Green Olive

Green Pepper






Red Onion

Cheddar Cheese

Fresh Basil

Build your own Pie

Base Cheese Pie

Gluten Free Dough: Add $6.00

*We cannot guarantee any items completely free of gluten.

Starters, Salads, Sweetness

Bavarian Pretzel Sticks

Served with a side of stone ground mustard.

Add house craft beer cheese for $1.00


Our home-made dough stuffed with Nutella and topped with powdered sugar.

House Salad

Fresh Romaine, Cheddar, Tomato, Red Onion, Muschroom, and Croutons.

American Pie

Our home-made dough stuffed with Cinnamon Apple Pie Filling topped with Cinnamon Sugar.

Caesar Salad

Romaine, Shaved Parmesan, Croutons, and Creamy Caesar Dressing.

N/A Beverages

Root Beer

Craft Soda

Arizona Tea

Athletic N/A Brews

Your choice of Dressing


Buffalo Ranch

Balsamic Vinaigrette

Creamy Caesar

Bleu Cheese

The Extras

Parker Events

Gather brew buddies and come hang out at our Parker locations for some fun times and great brews!


Come hang out

Spring is finally here and we're brewing up some tasty beers for you all. Come hang out and enjoy the good weather, good company, good pizza, and most of all - some great brews!

An image of a server pouring a Downhill Brewing craft beer into a pint glass from the tap.


Downhill Brewing Logo. It shows an Elk head with antlers and the flower of a hop used to make beer.

Join us in Parker, Colorado

From the best craft brews to the best specialty pizzas made from scratch, to Trivia every Monday night, there's always something to enjoy at Downhill Brewing, Parker.