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  • Do you allow dogs at Downhill?
    Greenwood Village location, yes inside is cool. Our Parker location has a kitchen, so dogs are allowed on the patio only. We have a spacious fenced-in patio for our furry friends to play. Please make sure your dogs are well behaved and be considerate of other guests. ADA certified service dogs are allowed inside at Parker.
  • Can I bring my kids to Downhill?
    Absolutely! We promote a family friendly environment. That being said, we are a brewery, we do sell alcohol. Please keep an eye on your kids while they’re here and do some parenting if necessary. Unattended children will be given free energy drinks and will be taught lyrics from various Wu-Tang Clan songs. Your move.
  • Donations?
    We have a whole page for that! Just click that “Donations” link above.
  • Can I get a keg?
    You know it! Come on in or call and get a keg request form filled out. Please allow our brewers 3 days to fill your keg. $100 refundable deposit. Most kegs are $100 for 5 gallons and $200 for a 15.5 gallon. We have Pony Pumps for sale for $25 if you don’t own a pump.
  • Do you take reservations?
    We sure do! Depending on the size of your party and time/day, we will do our best to accommodate. Email
  • Do you deliver?
    We do not. You’re gonna need to make the trek for this deliciousness!
  • Do you have gluten free beer?
    We sure do! We have gluten free beer from Holidaily available at both locations.
  • Does Downhill have a patio?
    We have a patio at each location. Put that sunblock on!
  • Where is your beer available?
    We have welcoming taprooms in Parker and Greenwood Village. Of course the taproom is the best place to grab our full compliment of beers. We do have a few off site restaurants that carry Downhill brews. The list is growing and changes from time to time so keep your eyes peeled and let us know if you think we should be on tap at a new location. We are trying to keep distribution close to the brewery as we don’t have a full time sales staff.
  • Do you give tours?
    We do! Right now we do not have scheduled tours, but most of the time if you ask your server we can find some time to show you where the magic happens. If you’re organized enough, drop us an email at
  • Are you hiring?
    Not at the moment! If you would like you can shoot your resume and we will keep you on file, if things change we’ll give you a call. Cheers!!
  • What's up with growlers and crowlers at Downhill?
    We sell Growlers(64oz) and Crowlers(32oz). We will fill other breweries growlers or your awesome insulated growler, it’s all love!
  • Can I bring food?
    At our Greenwood Village location we serve pizza, pretzels, and chips, but you're welcome to bring in your own eats. In Parker our license doesn’t allow outside food to be brought in due to us having a kitchen. But you’re in luck! We have delicious thin crust pizza and a few other options being made right here in house!
  • Nice FAQs page Downhill, but what about......?
    We love new questions! Fire away! Send an email to

Star Wars and Sombreros 

May 4th +5th

Help us celebrate May the 4th and Cinco de Mayo together! Wear your Star Wars gear or anything Mexican themed and get your first pint on us. 

Trivia Night

Come join us for Trivia Night! Our Parker location celebrates your knowledge every Monday night and our Greenwood Village location every Thursday night.

Featured Events This Month

Visit Our New Location

We are really excited to announce our second location - Greenwood Village. Now we get to share our love of making craft brews for more people. While we are in the process of making some improvements, we're looking forward to making this our home away from home. 

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18 Crafted Brews

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You Got


A wide view of the Greenwood Village brewery. If packed with people having a great time and enjoying craft brews.

Visit our new location!

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